Three wooden blocks cut from the same piece of Cornish driftwood.  They have been sanded just enough to take off the rough edges and bring out some of the beautiful grain patterning but leave the odd piece of stone embedded giving them lots of character.  Decorated freehand using a pyrography pen with pictures of a lighthouse, a beach hut and an anchor.  The blocks have been strung together using rope that was found on the beach last summer and that has spent all winter long out on the washing line being repeatedly washed and dried by our wonderful Cornish weather!  The rope has been pinned at the back of each block to make it super secure and there is a small hole at the back of the top block which allows the blocks to hook onto a simple nail in the wall so that the blocks will hang flush.  They measure approximately 5cms in width, 6cms in height and are 3cms deep.  The base of the bottom block has the words 'Made in Bude Bobo x' burnt onto it.

Trio of Cornish Driftwood Blocks Strung with Driftwood Rope