This piece of one of my personal favourites... it's a hand decorated sugar skull on Cedar wood with an Oak base.  The Cedar wood has been cut and shaped to look a bit like a tombstone shape, then sanded just enough to take the rough edges off and bring out the colour of the grain. The oak base has been shaped and sanded and the graining has come out beautifully.  I have then used a pyrography pen to burn the skull decoration. Each little tiny dot was added by my own hand and I'm really pleased with the results. :)

Its a free standing piece, the skull section measures approximately 24.5 cm in height, 14 cm in width and is 2.5 cm thick. The Oak base measures approximately 20.5 cm at its widest point, 11.5 cm at its deepest point and is 2.5 cm thick.

Sugar Skull and Swallows on Cedar Wood