One of the things I love most about living in Cornwall is walking on the beach and finding treasure... treasure to me ranges from a beautiful piece of driftwood to well smoothed beach glass or ragged pieces of wood that have been bashed against the shore. 


I love to take those pieces of wood, dry them out and create something new with them.  Most of the wood items for sale on this site are made from driftwood washed up on local beaches... some of those beaches are hard to reach places where you have to scramble down a wet muddy trail, some of them are only accessible during low tides, some are stony beaches where the wood has been bashed up on the rocks and some are sandy coves but all of them have had a little beach clean while I've been looking for treasure. 


Coastal rubbish is a huge issue so taking two bags down to the beach, one for treasure and one for rubbish is a great thing to do.  Each item has been hand cut, sanded and decorated using a pyrography pen so if you have something special that you would like please do get in touch and I'll see what I can do...